ItchySats 0.4.12

3 min readMay 2, 2022


ItchySats 0.4.12 ships with Umbrel 0.4.18. Binary users can already upgrade to the latest release or docker container. Umbrel user will have to wait for Umbrel 0.4.18 to be released.

What’s new?

ItchySats 0.4.12 is all about improving stability. It also includes a few small user interface updates.

Noteworthy updates from the changelog:


  • For binary users (outside of Umbrel):
    The default maker does not have to be configured anymore. You can run the application as ./taker for mainnet or ./taker testnetfor testnet.
    Note that the password for accessing the user interface still has to be extracted from the logs.
    The next version will automatically launch the user interface (including the authentication credentials) in the default browser. This will make it easier to use the binary.
  • Change the finality confirmations for spend transactions to 3 confirmations instead of 1. Your CFD may remain in the open list longer until being moved to the closed list.
  • Move Closed CFDs to a separate database table freeing up space.
    This is a performance improvement for the startup of the application.
    Note that the database file will not change in size, but the space will be re-used internally.
  • Performance improvements with adding cache and optimized loading for different actors.
  • Add link to the internal wallet when there is not enough balance to open a new position.


  • An issue where CET finality was not monitored if the daemon was restarted before the CET was confirmed.
    If the application was restarted before the CET was confirmed the CET never reached finality in the user interface. This is fixed now. If you had such a case the CFD will automatically be moved into the closed CFD section.
  • An issue where the taker daemon lost connection to the maker because the maker did not send heartbeats due to the maker’s connection actor being blocked.
    This should result in a more stable connection handling between taker and maker which should make the overall experience better.
  • An issue where the commit_tx URL was not displayed for a force close scenario.
    In some scenarios the URL of the commit transaction was not displayed correctly. This was fixed and the URL should not always be available in the user interface in a force close scenario.

What’s next?

  1. Stability monitoring and improvements: Ensuring a stable foundation is super important to us, that’s why we invest quite a lot of our efforts into analyzing and fixing bugs.
  2. Onboarding: User interviews have shown that we can improve the onboarding experience into ItchySats. We are adding features to show first time users how to use the application and are improving the wallet experience.
  3. Configurable Leverage: Configurable leverage is still being worked on and can be expected in one of the upcoming releases.

As always feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram or Matrix!

Happy stacking,
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