ItchySats 0.4.2 — Bugfixes

2 min readFeb 9, 2022


ItchySats 0.4.2 was released with Umbrel 0.4.14 and includes several bugfixes — 🐞🩹

If you are not on Umbrel you find the latest release here and the docker container here.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to 0.4.2 to have the following fixes:

  • The price no longer gets permanently outdated. This happened because there was a bug in the restart of the price feed actor.
    Note that it can still happen that you see the message Latest quote is older than XX minutes. Refusing to settle with old price when you hit the Close button, but that is temporary problem and should solve itself within seconds. You can just hit the button again and it should work eventually. If you still run into problems please file a bug-report here.
  • Positions that were collaboratively closed no longer wrongly transition back to Open due to perpetual rollover being triggered.
    Note that this bug never affected that actual payout, because the collaborative payout transaction was already published, but the UI showing wrong information was very confusing.
  • Positions that were collaboratively closed no longer wrongly transition to Force in case the oracle attestation happens before the collaborative payout transaction was included in a block.
  • Positions that were closed before the lock transaction was confirmed no longer wrongly transitions back to Open upon lock confirmation.

User interface improvements:

  • Display the closing price, instead of the liquidation price, once the closing price is decided due to collaboratively closing or the Oracle’s attestation.

At this point a big thanks to Bitcoin for never letting us down …

In a few years we will laugh about 44k 😁

Here’s the lock transaction and the payout transaction for transparency.

Happy stacking,

Scratchscratchscratchy & the ItchySats hodlers




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