ItchySats Goes RaspiBlitz

3 min readSep 5, 2022


ItchySats on Raspiblitz

With its latest update to v1.8.0 RaspiBlitz, the most popular DIY distro for self-sovereign Bitcoiners, has integrated ItchySats.

ItchySats is a peer to peer Bitcoin derivative exchange. It allows you to trade BTC/USD CFDs with zero counterparty risk.
Trades are fully collateralized on the Bitcoin blockchain and secured using DLCs.

If you want to read more how ItchySats works, read here.

How to install ItchySats on RaspiBlitz

1. Update to v1.8.0 ;)

ItchySats is only available from RaspiBlitz v1.8.0, so you need to update your node.
Make sure that you have your keys and channels backups stored securely.

Install ItchySats Menu

ItchySats is an additional service and can be found under `Service — Additional Apps & Services`:

Navigate to Services

It should be somewhere in the middle. To activate that service hit `space` to mark this service for install and confirm with `Ok`.

A bunch of console output will follow which should be rather fast.

What’s happening under the hood is that the ItchySats `0.4.20` release will be pulled from GitHub and installed as a service on your RaspiBlitz.
It will setup a system service on your RaspiBlitz which will be automatically started in the background.

Note: ItchySats comes with its own integrated wallet.
For that it creates a new directory under `/mnt/hdd/app-data/itchysats`.
If your RaspiBlitz is setup for mainnet you will find a subfolder `mainnet` or if you run testnet you will find `testnet` in there.
In the subfolder is a file called `taker_seed`.
As of now, there is no way to backup the seed through the UI, hence, please make a backup of this file so you will not lose your funds.

How to start ItchySats

Once everything is installed you should see the following screen:

How to open ItchySats

Open a browser of your choice.
The username is `itchysats` and the password is your `PASSWORD_B`.

You will be greeted with the main website.

To find your wallet go to the top left corner.
Once the internal wallet has picked up the transaction, you can open a position

Happy Trading and welcome to the Future of Finance!

Update ItchySats

Since ItchySats does not automatically update itself you will need to hit the update button once in a while.
To update ItchySats, go to the `Update Check/Prepare RaspiBlitz Update` submenu:

Update Step 1
Update Step 2

The update process is the same as the install process, i.e. it will download the latest release from GitHub and will install it on your RaspiBlitz.


Any feedback is welcome, feel free to reach out via twitter: @itchysats or join our telegram group.
You can also find more ways to reach us on our website.




Non-custodial CFD trading directly on Bitcoin. DLCs make it possible. No middleman. No account. Just you and your keys.