ItchySats is on Umbrel!

Since the Umbrel 0.4.11 release ItchySats is a available in the Umbrel app-store!

If you already have Umbrel you find ItchySats in the Umbrel app-store at:

👉 http://umbrel.local/app-store/itchysats 👈

If you don’t have Umbrel you can get it here.

If you want to use ItchySats without Umbrel you can read up on how to install it using docker or as binary here. We are working on bundling the ItchySats daemon and the UI into a one-click desktop application, but recommend using ItchySats on Umbrel to be encourage using your own Bitcoin node.

ItchySats on Umbrel

Here are the steps to get open a CFD position in the ItchySats app:

  1. Install the ItchySats app on Umbrel
  2. Open the ItchySats app and sign in with the credentials that are displayed for the ItchySats app in the Umbrel app-store
  3. Transfer funds into the ItchySats wallet. The wallet is derived from the Umbrel app-seed.
  4. Open a position

ItchySats uses Umbrel’s app authentication feature. The sign-in credentials are uniquely derived on a per-installation, per-app basis. Once you installed the ItchySats app, you use the credentials that are displayed next to the Open button in the Umbrel app-store to access ItchySats. ItchySats uses Umbrel’s app-seed feature, so your ItchySats wallet is secured and backed up by your Umbrel seedwords. No additional backup needed.

Check out the roadmap blogpost for more details on what is to come!

Umbrel Installation and ItchySats

If you chose to install Umbrel you will have to wait until the Bitcoin blockchain is fully synced until you can use ItchySats on Umbrel. ItchySats depends on Electrum for blockchain monitoring, transaction broadcasting and wallet management. Umbrel ships with an electrs container for Electrum. Once the Bitcoin blockchain was synced completely electrs will build an additional index. Once that is done ItchySats will be able to start up and connect to electrs. If electrs is not fully synced, the ItchySats will be unable to start, because it cannot establish a connection to the the electrs RPC server.

If you have questions you can reach us on Twitter, Telegram, Matrix and GitHub.

Happy scratching,

ItchyMax & ScratchScratchScratchy




Non-custodial CFD trading directly on Bitcoin. DLCs make it possible. No middleman. No account. Just you and your keys.

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Non-custodial CFD trading directly on Bitcoin. DLCs make it possible. No middleman. No account. Just you and your keys.

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