P2P Bitcoin CFDs — Give it a try!

Satoshi wants you — he’s itchy on his sats!

🤔 What what what does that mean?

📽 Demo Video Time!

🐳 Docker it up!

docker run --rm -v$PWD/data/taker:/data -p8000:8000 --pull always ghcr.io/itchysats/itchysats/taker:0.3.1@sha256:58557bce9ffc4451d2548faf80c11f84db61a603407a750fd5c23320113369fe --maker=testnet.itchysats.network:9998 --maker-id=f979795740e3b0e9cc6b7151f8f08d6e412cc29893dfb1e71a64459f7e9d6954 testnet

👯 Binary it up

./taker --maker=testnet.itchysats.network:9998 --maker-id=f979795740e3b0e9cc6b7151f8f08d6e412cc29893dfb1e71a64459f7e9d6954 testnet

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Non-custodial CFD trading directly on Bitcoin. DLCs make it possible. No middleman. No account. Just you and your keys. https://www.itchysats.network/